Theme Parks


Orlando is the ultimate entertainment destination, where “make believe” becomes reality. Your stay is sure to be memorable with the visual splendor of new encounters and over 60 incredible theme parks. Golf enthusiasts will enjoy over 50 world-class golf courses throughout the area. As the sun goes down, City Walk’s restaurants and nightclubs start pulsing to the beat of live entertainment. And before the evening ends, celebrate New Year’s Eve every night with dancing in the streets and laser light shows.


Zoological Park

Tiger In Cage

Stroll through the areas natural parks and view animals from around the world, including Florida. Learn about the animals' habitat. The Alligator Capitol of the World contains thousands of alligators and crocodiles. Snakes also slither about the exhibits. Green Meadows Petting Farm is home to the largest petting zoo for kids with over 200 farm animals in residence. Wekiwa Springs State Park features hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, and camping, as well as several wonderful picnic areas.


Night Life


Don’t forget the night-life. Orlando sports many popular and fun restaurants with spectacular dinner themes as well as several local night clubs. With a plethora of local artists and top 40 artists to choose from, there is something for everybody so hit the dance floor or sing at a karaoke bar.




Orlando Skyline

Orlando is the hot travel destination for families. Offering a diverse vacation experience with spectacular entertainment for children and grown-ups. Fill your days with theme park rides, museums, shows, and great food. A place where friends and family can have a great time with few worries. Whether your sport is shopping or fishing, Orlando has some of the best shops and bass waters in the world. A real who’s who in finest brands and designer outlets. Take in some sun on the golf greens with over 150 world-renowned courses to play on.


Cultural Centers


Orlando's Museum of Art holds Americana from the 19th and 20th century. They are home to the funnest interactive art gallery for children. Orlando is home to the world’s largest rose and orchid gardens. Some of the most rarest species are grown here. Don’t forget to visit the Orlando Science Center and John Young Planetarium where you can get involved with exhibits and displays about the skies and stars.






I'm Mark, this is my third cruise and I believe my best. This trip has been fantastic, very economical, the food has been good. The excursion today was fantastic and I'm looking forward to coming back again.

Mark's Holiday Cruise Line Testimonial

Hi, I'm Tory. This is Stephanie, Rebecca and Terrance. And we are traveling through Holiday Cruise Lines. And we have had the best time! We got to spend the day in the Bahamas and have a beach day and play in the pool. And when we get back on the ship there is so much to do. The girls love the kids room, they get to watch movies and play games and color, and then we have so much food to eat, we don't know what we want to eat or when we want to eat it. The restaurants are amazing and we always have a great time and we definitely want to come back again.

Tory, Stephanie, Rebecca, and Terrance