Grand Bahama Celebration

Grand Bahamas Island, renowned as the ‘Jewel of the Bahamas’, was selected as one of the finest Caribbean Destinations in the Travelers' Choice® Destinations Awards! While in port for the day, or if you choose to extend your stay on the island, our Grand Celebration guests will have the opportunity to enjoy this paradise and its extraordinary combination of customs, attractions and amazing ecological wonders that earned it this distinction.

The Grand Celebration arrives in Grand Bahama Island at 8am, allowing for a full day of fun and exciting activities for the whole family. To get the most out of your day in paradise, we strongly suggest signing up for one of the affordable and enjoyable shore excursions.


Sea Shells

A tropical resort destination...


Viva Wyndam


The adventure of a lifetime...


Island Seas

Sea Shells

Beautiful vacation spot...


Grand Lucayan





Hi, My name is Lee, this is my Uncle, and Aunt. First time on a cruise on Celebration Bahamas. The first time here was August 15, it was very exciting. This was the first time all the family goes together, and had a very good time. We love it, this is so amazing. Everything is so great, we just love it; everything is so pretty. You know it's amazing. You guys have to go! The service and the rooms are very, very nice. All the room service is very friendly. And we went to cruise on the ship for one night. We went to Bahamas and took the excursion tours, and they take us to the beach. And have dinner together. And very lovely. Welcome to celebration Bahamas.

Tabitha & Phillip



Excursions on Land


Enjoy golf on ocean-lined courses, horseback riding on the unspoiled beaches, and remarkable duty-free shopping for a great deal on jewelry or perfume. Many excursions can be combined as well, so be sure to check onboard to choose what sounds like most fun for you!


Ultimate Eco-Tour



On horseback, guests will experience a two hour guided trail ride on veteran trail horses that will take them through the endangered pine forest, past captivating Cooper's Medieval Castle, along the white sand beach and into the ocean . . . literally. Expect to get wet! A beautiful excursion that will leave you breathless with the spectacular scenery.


Inland Tours


Bens Cave

If exploring a tropical paradise is for you, then this is your island. Most tourists that visit Grand Bahama never realize that the natural attractions are the island’s finest resource. Visit a secluded beach or check out the amazing Lucayan National Park - home to Ben's Cave, the second longest underwater surveyed cave system in the world. Gold Rock Creek, located just across the street, is home to all five ecosystems of Grand Bahama Island. And, The Garden of The Groves offers a relaxing tour of its twelve acres of indigenous flora and fauna. Whatever your choice, you are guaranteed to have a blast!


& Sea

Check out the Starfish

Water activities are featured on this tropical island and should be a part of everyone’s vacation. The Island's reputation as a diver's paradise comes from the intricate coral gardens and distinctive sapphire portals in the reefs that you can descend. Or, snorkel the shallow reefs and view the brightly colored fish, or take a ferry out to the lagoon and swim with the dolphins. This area is also considered one of the world's premier sport fishing destinations. Strap yourself in and get ready to hook onto a blue and yellow-fin tuna, bonefish, marlin, sailfish, or barracuda just to name a few!

Glass Bottom Boat

Guests will enjoy magnificent views and experience exciting discoveries while cruising around the many vivid coral reefs that encircle the island. View exotic landmarks such as Cooper’s Medieval Castle while sailing onboard the “Ocean Wonder,” on a sixty foot double-deck glass bottom boat. See intensely colored sea life, coral formations, and many other delightful wonders - such as Brit’s Wreck submerged near Treasure Reef.


Swim with the Dolphins


Dolphin Lagoon

A short ferry ride will take some fortunate guests to The Dolphin Experience Lagoon, where small groups of swimmers will take turns swimming with the dolphins! Guests will be given an opportunity to give the dolphins hand signals, and the skilled dolphins will show off their talents. The Dolphin staff will explain facts about these brilliant creatures, to give you an understanding of these amazing creatures. Make sure to bring a good camera for this unique experience, and take home some memories!